The inspection, grading and regrading of eating and drinking establishments within the city or its police jurisdiction shall be regulated in accordance with the terms of the Food Service Establishment Regulations, 1983 Edition, prepared and approved by the Department of Health and Environment of the State of Kansas as the regulations have been incorporated into the code of the city and amended, pursuant to section 11-307 of the code.

(Ord. 3742, Sec. 3)

Any person who shall work in a food service establishment in an area and capacity in which there is a likelihood of transmission of disease to patrons or to fellow employees, either through direct contact or through the contamination of food or food contact surfaces with pathogenic organisms, upon employment shall secure a skin test or chest X-ray medical examination showing the absence of tuberculosis. Tests and certificates, except chest X-rays, may be obtained through the health department. Such medical examination showing the above results shall be secured each three years of such person so employed.

(Ord. 3742, Sec. 3)

Any person desiring to operate a food service establishment shall make written application for a permit to the city clerk upon forms provided by the health authority. Such application shall include, but not be limited to the following: The applicant’s full name and post office address and whether such applicant is an individual, firm or corporation and, if a partnership, the names of the partners, together with their addresses, shall be included; the location and type of the proposed food service establishment, and the signature of the applicant or applicants. If the application is for a temporary food service establishment, it shall also include the inclusive dates of the proposed operation.

A permit fee of $20 shall be paid with the application. Upon receipt of such application, the health officer shall make an inspection of the food service establishment to determine compliance with the provisions of this chapter. When inspection reveals that the applicable requirements of this chapter have been met, a permit shall be issued by the city clerk to the applicant, which shall be valid for the remainder of the year of issuance, subject to the provisions of suspension set forth in this chapter. Each year thereafter an existing food service establishment shall make application for renewal of the permit on or before January 1st and shall pay a renewal permit fee of $10.

(Ord. 3794, Sec. 15)

Any person violating any provision of this article shall upon conviction be punished by a fine not exceeding $100. In addition thereto, such persons may be enjoined from continuing such violations. Each day upon which such a violation occurs shall constitute a separate violation.

(Code 1977, 11-405)