There is hereby incorporated by reference for the purpose of establishing rules and regulations governing the use and operation of the Newton City-County Airport, the certain document entitled “Newton City-County Airport Policy Handbook of Rules and Regulations” and appendices thereto attached, dated March, 1984, as published and adopted by the governing bodies of the City of Newton, Kansas, and County of Harvey, State of Kansas.

(Ord. 3706, Sec. 1)

No fewer than three copies of such document shall be marked or stamped “Official Copy as Incorporated by the Code of the City of Newton,” and filed with the city clerk to be open to inspection and available to the public at all reasonable business hours. The police department, municipal judge and all administrative departments of the city charged with the enforcement of the handbook shall be supplied, at the cost to the city, with such official copies of the handbook as may be deemed expedient.

(Ord. 2978, Sec. 2; Code 1984)

There is hereby created and established the Newton City-County Aviation Commission (hereinafter referred to as the commission), which shall have the membership, organization and duties as hereinafter set out.

(a)   Membership. The commission shall be composed of seven members selected as follows: One member shall be the chairperson or a member of the board of the Harvey County commission, as appointed by the board of Harvey County commissioners; one member shall be the mayor of the city or a city commissioner as appointed by the Newton city commissioners; one member shall be the Harvey County administrator or his or her designee; one member shall be the Newton city manager or his or her designee; one member shall be appointed from the public at-large by the board of Harvey County commissioners; one member shall be appointed from the public at-large by the Newton city commission. The six members so selected shall select a seventh member to the commission. The two members selected from the public at-large by the respective governing bodies shall serve for a term of three years, as shall the seventh member appointed the commission. The terms of the public at-large members and the seventh member of the commission shall be limited to two three-year terms.

The Newton City-County Airport Manager shall serve as a non-voting ex-officio member to the commission and shall act as the advisory staff to the commission. The secretary to the airport manager shall serve as recording secretary to the commission.

(b)   Organization. Upon appointment of the six members, they shall immediately meet and select a seventh member. Thereafter, and as soon as reasonably possible, the commission shall organize and select a chairperson and vice chairperson.

(c)   Meetings. The commission shall meet at least monthly or on a regular basis as deemed necessary for proper management, at a time and place selected by them, or at the request of either of the respective governing bodies or upon call of the chairperson.

(d)   Duties. The commission shall consider, study, investigate, review, make recommendations and serve in an advisory capacity to the respective governing bodies upon all aviation matters and long-range planning in matters relating to the airport referred to it by the governing bodies or which it shall deem in the best interests of the development and improvement of the Newton City-County Airport. The commission shall furnish regular monthly reports to the respective governing bodies covering its meetings and shall be available to present its recommendations as needed.

(Ord. 3886, Sec. 1)