(a)   Every dwelling unit, every guest room in a hotel, lodging house and apartment house, and every mobile home used for sleeping purposes shall be provided with smoke detectors.

(b)   In dwelling units, smoke detectors shall be mounted on the ceiling or wall at a point centrally located in the corridor or area giving access to rooms used for sleeping purposes. In an efficiency dwelling unit, hotel sleeping room and in hotel suites, the detector shall be centrally located on the ceiling of the main room or hotel sleeping room. Where sleeping rooms are on an upper level, the detector shall be placed at the center of the ceiling directly above the stairway. All detectors shall be installed in accordance with approved manufacturer’s instructions. When activated, the detector shall provide an alarm in the dwelling unit or guest room.

(c)   Only smoke detectors meeting the requirements of the 1979 Edition of the Uniform Building Code as incorporated by reference on November 5, 1980, by Ordinance No. 3519 of the city by which smoke detectors are required to be of a type receiving their primary power from the building wiring when such wiring is served from a commercial source, shall be sufficient to satisfy the requirements of this section as to:

(1)   All structures which at the time of their construction were subject to the requirements of the 1979 Edition of the Uniform Building Code as incorporated by reference or by Ordinance No. 3519; and

(2)   All structures or portions thereof which became subject to such requirements by virtue of any reconstruction thereof, remodeling thereto, or additions thereto after the November 5, 1980, effective date of Ordinance No. 3519. All other structures subject to this section may utilize battery-powered smoke detectors.

(d)   As to structures occupied by non-owner tenants, other than hotels, motels, temporary lodging houses, and other similar structures regularly offered for occupancy to tenants, and regularly occupied by tenants, for periods of one month or less, the owner thereof shall be responsible for the installation of the required smoke detectors in an operable condition at the time the tenant takes possession thereof, and the tenant shall be responsible during the period of such tenancy for the maintenance of the smoke detectors in good working condition. If the smoke detectors are battery-operated, then the owner must install a fresh set of batteries for such smoke detectors at the time the tenant takes possession. A premises inspection form signed by the owner (or his or her agent) and the tenant in conformance with the provisions of K.S.A. 58-2548, or of any successor statute thereto, showing that the premises was provided with smoke detectors in good working condition at the time the tenant took possession shall constitute prima facie evidence that the owner has complied with his or her responsibilities hereunder to provide the required smoke detectors.

(e)   Any violation of the provisions of this section shall be punishable as and for a Class C violation under the Uniform Public Offense Code as adopted by the city.

(Ord. 4112, Sec. 1)