The compensation of the city manager to be paid as salary and allowances shall be fixed by resolution of the city commission adopted at a regular meeting or special meeting of the governing body.

(Code 1975, Sec. 1-401)

Compensation to be paid to officers and employees of the city as salaries shall be determined by the city commission upon the basis of schedules fixed in accordance with the classification of the office or employment prepared by the city manager in all such cases. The personnel records of each city officer and employee shall show the date of appointment or employment, classification and the salary paid as the same may be changed or fixed from time to time.

(K.S.A. 12-1010; Code 1976, Sec. 1-402)

The city manager shall prepare and promulgate rules, to be approved by the city commission, for the reimbursement of the living and transportation expenses incurred by city officers or employees incidental to authorized trips outside the city on official business when no other provisions shall be made for such purposes. All claims for reimbursement shall be filed and allowed in the regular manner.

(Code 1976, Sec. 1-403)

When the governing body provides group, health, accident, medical, hospitalization or life insurance or any combination of two or more such forms of group insurance for the benefit of the officers and employees of the city, and an officer or employee files a written statement with the city clerk then he or she elects to be covered by such insurance, such statement shall constitute authorization to the city to deduct from such officer or employee’s compensation such amount at each compensation paying time as will, with the deductions from the compensation of other officers and employees covered by such insurance, be sufficient at premium paying time to pay the part of premium chargeable to such officer or employee as determined by the governing body, the city paying the balance of the premium. Such statement shall continue in effect until the officer or employee files a written statement with the city clerk that he or she no longer desires to be covered by the insurance.

(Code 1976, Sec. 1-404 Rev.)

In order to maintain the proper representation upon the various committees and agencies to which the governing body appoints members, any members so appointed, who shall have demonstrated continued absence from the regular meetings of the committee or agency to which he or she has been appointed, shall be subject to dismissal at the discretion of the governing body.

(Code 1973, Sec. 1-405)